This restless Soma you try to grab him
but he breaks away and overpowers everything.

He is a sage and a seer inspired by poetry.

He covers the naked and heals all who are sick.

The blind man sees; the lame man steps forth.

Soma, you are a broad defence against those
who hate us, both enemies we have made ourselves
and those made by others.

Through your knowledge and skills,
rushing forward you drive out of the sky
and the earth the evil deed of the enemy.

Let those who seek find what they seek:
let them receive the treasure given
by the generous and stop the greedy
from getting what they want.

Let him find what was lost before;
let him push forward the man of truth.

Let him stretch out the life-span
that has not yet crossed its span.

Be kind and merciful to us, Soma;
be good to our heart, without confusing
our powers in your whirlwind.

King Soma, do not enrage us; do not terrify us;
do not wound our heart with dazzling light.

Give help, when you see the evil plans
of the gods in your own house.

Generous king, keep away hatreds,
keep away failures.

Rgveda, [translation by] Wendy Doniger O`Flaherty

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